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Space Station Racer

Racing in zero gravity

Space flight as it ought to be: no friction, no speed limit, no brakes!

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Space Station Racer is a unique racing game for iOS that uses realistic space flight physics. Race around 12 different race courses located on imaginary space stations from around the world, using nothing but your powerful thrusters to accelerate, turn, and brake.


Your racer has three large thrusters in the back, which you can rotate around to accelerate, turn, or brake. Since there is no friction or air resistance, you will keep accelerating as long as your thrusters are on, without being limited by a maximum speed. Conversely, you will keep going at undiminished speed forever if your thrusters are off. And, you can turn your racer clean around through 360° without it having any effect on your flight path, so that you spend half your time facing in all sorts of unlikely directions. All this makes Space Station Racer a truly unique racing experience, unlike any futuristic racing game that uses earth-like physics.

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